VP of Technology and Systems Operations


Primary Responsibilities. 

Oversee technology infrastructure including: CDN, Hosting, DNS, Security, project management software, CMS, QA.  Continually evaluate the scalability and capacity, of systems and services and scale up or down as needed.

Manage, optimize, and evolve all infrastructure strategy and practices.

Establish and maintain robust security infrastructure policies and procedures.

Vendor management including contract negotiation with all technology vendors including:

  • Acquia
  • Fastly
  • DNS Made Easy
  • New Relic

Work closely with product engineers on all digital product execution and development.  Including ticketing systems, deployment and reversion practices, and cache strategies

Corporate leader for new product and systems integration, development and deployment. Will serve as the lead technology project manager.  Examples of projects may include: Analytics software integration, ad server integration, systems architecture platform migration, social integration, mobile/responsive development, etc.